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If you need your roof restored, repaired or cleaned, call In-Time Roofing. Servicing the Newcastle area, we also travel to Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, the Hunter and Central Coast regions. With a guarantee on all of our workmanship, you can be certain of receiving first-class results. From high-pressure roof cleans, to complete restorations, we can handle all your roofing needs.   Our services include: Request a quote today! Our free quotes are valid up to 4 months.
Our Roof Restoration Services

A roof restoration not only improves the look of your home’s exterior, it can also help add value to your property, extend the life of your roof and make your home cooler in the summer months.

What does a roof restoration involve? While the process may differ slightly depending on your roof type, it usually involves the following steps:

  • A roof inspection to identify damaged tiles or flashing and any signs of fungal growth.
  • A roof clean using a high-pressure hose to remove dirt, moss, algae and lichen.
  • Ridge capping to re-point and re-bed any loose caps.
  • Re-sealing and painting in a colour of your choice.

We use Australian Standard approved products from Flexi Point and Nutech to ensure the
finished result is of a high quality. With the right weather conditions, a roof restoration will take only 3 days. Contact us today to get started!

Roof in need of paint and repairs - roof repairs Lake Macquarie, NSW

Roof Repairs

Aside from a leak, there are many reasons why your roof may need repairing. If you notice your roof tiles are darker, peeling of your exterior paint or an increase in your power bill, give us a call today. We recommend booking a roof assessment at the same time as any repairs to pick up any other issues.

In-Time Roofing ute in front of a house - roof restoration, NSW

Roof Assessments

When was the last time you had a professional assess your roof? 

Unless you’ve had a leak or significant storm damage, the chances are never. You may not even know you have a leak, broken tiles or roof deterioration. A professional roof assessment can catch minor issues before they develop into major problems, saving you money in the long term.


At In-Time Roofing, we inspect the entire span of your roof, checking for any signs of damage that require attention. If we believe there is a need for repairs or restoration, we will discuss your options and provide an obligation-free quote.

Roof undergoing high-pressure cleaning - roof cleaning Lake Macquarie

High-Pressure Roof Cleaning

It’s best to leave anything to do with your roof to the experts for safety and efficiency reasons. Our high-pressure cleaning equipment is more powerful than standard machines, enabling us to blast away layers of built-up grime, fungi and dirt.
By having your roof pressure cleaned, you’re helping to keep it look good, as well as prolonging the life of your tiles.
Book a clean of your roof today.

WhirlyBird— Roofing Lake Macquarie and Newcastle, NSW

Whirlybird Installations

Ever wonder what those spinning domes on peoples’ roofs are and what they do? Whirlybirds are an affordable ventilation system. When wind hits the whirlybird, the turbine fins spin, sucking hot air from your home into your roof cavity. This creates a cooler home, saving you money on your heating bills.

At In-Time Roofing, we install whirlybirds all year round. Please call or email for pricing

Mossed Roof - roof restoration Lake Macquarie

Moss & Lichen Removal/Treatments

Leaving moss or lichen on your roof tiles can lead to hairline cracks and moisture build-up and may result in serious damage if left indefinitely. It also makes your property look uncared for and neglected.
At the first sign of moss or lichen growth, call In-Time Roofing. We can thoroughly clean your roof and treat the area to prevent moss returning any time soon.

Rusted Roof— repointing lake Macquarie

Rust Removal/Treatments

Think you need a new roof due to rust? Save yourself the money, time and stress and call our roofing experts for a rust removal service and treatment. To discuss how we can help your remove rust from you roof, contact us now.
Coated Roof - roof restoration Lake Macquarie

Protective Coatings

At In-Time Roofing, we believe in using only the best roofing products, and Australia’s most respected roof coating manufacturer is Nutech Paint. We use Nuflex by Nutech Paint because of its superior waterproofing properties, excellent mould, lichen and fungus resistance, as well as its fast drying time. Nuflex also comes in more than 36 standard colours and can even be tinted so we can match any colour of your choice.
If you prefer a heat reflective coating, we can use Nutech Paint’s NXT CoolZone roof coating. This revolutionary product can help to reduce the temperature inside your home by repelling the suns rays.